Style and Event Survival Guide For NYFW February 10 – 18, 2016 New York, NY

With Fashion Week right around corner two questions come to mind: What do I want to see and what am I going to wear?! More than ever emerging brands, designers and networking communities are taking part in one of the most exclusive and anticipated global fashion events – New York Fashion Week. The fashion set has marked their calendars and made notes of who to see and who to skip and there’s always room to discover something fun and unexpected. Once the schedules are determined it can be impossible and daunting task to assemble an outfit that is chic, stylish, comfortable and accommodating for the chilly and potentially icy, snowy weather. With the Spring collections debuting at the height of Winter Fashion Week allows an escape from the onset of Winter ennui and the glacial temperatures. Fashion Week is an opportunity for adventure. It’s a chance to discover something, new, fresh, exciting and a great occasion to see and be seen. With so many opportunities for events and shows it can be hard to navigate what to see and what to skip- that’s where incredible sites like Eventbrite come in. Eventbrite is a one stop site featuring amazing local events in and around the NYC area pertaining to fashion week!

I’ve assembled the ultimate survival guide for navigating Fashion Week. From what to wear to create an effortlessly look to dash around in for Instagram ready pics to shows that can’t be missed and shows that can be skipped, my Fashion Week survival guide has everything you need. You’ll know where to buy tickets and where to put that cell phone where tickets and invites can be stored for easy access. 


Events: You won’t want to sleep on some of the hottest events happening at new York Fashon Week! Tickets are moving fast and EVENTBRITE is how to get them! EVENTBRITE is your go to spot for discovering cool, exciting, fun events during fashion week. whether you’re a fashion week vet or a newbie on the scene, EVENTBRITE offers awesome options for fashion week events that can’t be missed, events to skip and how to CREATE your own local event:


Small Boutique Fashion Week | SAT, FEB 13 AT 11:00 AM, NEW YORK, NY: featuring small scale boutique owners, celebrity stylists, custom made goods and handmade clothing.

Couture Fashion Week New York February 2016 | Friday, February 12, 2016 at 6:00 PM Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 11:30 PM:Lovers of avant garde, experimental, stunning high fashion, This is your event! Don’t miss one of the most sensational couture events of the year.

NYFW RISING STARS OF FASHION | THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2016 AT 7:00 PM, NEW YORK, NY: SAINT X SINNER and PINK SHEEP HEIRESS are two emerging fashion brands that are rock n roll inspired, edgy, sexy and intriguing.



NEW YORK CITY FASHION WEEK FINAL MODEL REVIEW AND TRAINING FOR HIGH FASHION MODELS 2016 | FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2016 FROM 11:30 AM TO 1:30 PM (EST) MANHATTAN , NEW YORK: this event gives undiscovered talent an opportunity to be seen and pick up some valuable tips for breaking out in the model industry. when i envision this event i imagine a slew of models herded in a beige colored room all ranging in ages 0 – 22. everyone is sitting, standing, leaning, and avoiding eye contact. some are accompanied by parents. some are hunched over their cell phones, scrolling through social media and glancing around the room for an available spot to plug in their cell phone charges. all are impatiently waiting to be called to be prodded and judged in front of an aloof panel. No thank you. this would be the perfect time to grab a latte or touch up my lipstick.

create your own event

CREATE your own event! are you a creative with a fashion week event that deserves to be in the spotlight? EVENTBRITE makes event planning and management simple and gives you the freedom to create your own local event!

The events have been narrowed down, tickets have been bought and it’s time to finalize your look of the night. Throw on a dress, grab some booties and toss all your precious belongings in a clutch. Mix and match for funky to sexy to subtle and sweet show stopping looks.

Dresses: When heading out for events one of the simplest looks that can look like a lot of work is the dress. Flared, playful, patterned and modern to create a look that requires minimal accessories and maximum panache.
Boots: There’s every chance that the pavement of NYC will be slick with snow and ice. Perhaps your Uber will pull up to the curb and you’ll be met with slush and puddles. When making your way from show to show  opt for boots that will keep your toes warm and dry.


Clutches: ✓ cell phone, ✓invites, ✓tickets, ✓Lipstick, ✓liner, ✓blotting papers, ✓sunglasses. Put all of your important items in one convenient spot in a small, compact clutch that won’t get in the way of sliding in and out of the uber or the subway. find a clutch that makes a statement or go with something more subtle and subdued, but whatever you do, don’t leave your ticket or invite at home!

Have fun!

The Miss World Collection: Nasty Gal x Courtney Love


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Courtney Love is an indelible force on the music, art and fashion scene. The iconic living legend queen has made enticing appearances on Sons of Anarchy and Empire, leaving fans and admirers following and anticipating her next surprising debut. Fortunately for the fashion set currently regaling in the revival of the 90’s grunge scene and avid fans of Ms. Love, the team at Nasty Gal has collaborated with Love on a collection, Love, Courtney, that is reminiscent of Love’s most memorable and beloved looks. Outfits that hold a whisper of sultry doll baby, a hint of gregarious sex, a smattering of body and grit, and a full helping of unapologetic, charmingly narcissistic, attitude.

“Outfits that hold a whisper of sultry doll baby, a hint of gregarious sex, a smattering of grit, and a full helping of unapologetic, charmingly narcissistic, attitude..”

Without a doubt the collection is nostalgic and full of something sentimental. Perhaps the sentimentality is drawn from memories or a yearning for another time. Perhaps the sentimental feelings come from the notion that this collection isn’t simply a collaboration that will crash and burn and fade out with passing trends. The Love, Courtney collection feels like an intimate invitation from Love herself. An invitation to get examine her doll parts and to be the girl with the most cake. It’s full of Love’s tantalizing spirit and includes pieces that embody the 90’s. Velvet, lace, satin, crystal, rhinestone- these are embellishments meant to dazzle, and fabrics aching to be touched, lived in, lived through. This collection is Love.



Shop The Love, Courtney Collection 

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Image Source: Nasty Gal

♡ Ditte Mia


Fern Mallis Releases New Book, Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis

Fern Mallis | Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis

Image Courtesy of 92Y

Who is Fern Mallis?

She’s the woman behind what we know today as Fashion Week. She was the Vice President of IMG Fashion and the former Executive Director of the CFDA. She’s interviewed Suzy Menkes, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Betsey Johnson, and Oscar de la Renta at 92nd Street Y in New York City.  She’s the woman who provoked Kanye West to take to twitter to write a letter pleading with her to meet up at the Spotted Pig so that she could properly understand just how hard it’s been for him to break into the fashion industry. Her most recent contribution to the fashion community is her book, Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis, which provides an intimate view into fashions most compelling and lauded figures in the fashion industry. In her new book Mallis extends the experience of her esteemed interviews at the 92Y through profound photographs and bold discussions with Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Bill Cunningham and Bruce Weber amongst many others.

One of my favorite interviews from Mallis is her Q&A with Tom Ford. It was how I learned he was a Virgo, a native Texan, and a romantic.

So I Celebrate

I wake up with tousled hair and a warm, inspired heart.

I do the things I ought to like wash my face, brush my teeth, make lemon-green tea, check my e-mail and check my to-do list. I browse the Paris Fashion Week collections and am instantly satisfied and pleased with Raf Simons love of youth and the provocative, soft and subtle parts of Rick Owens’ collection. I wonder what ASAP Rocky will think of  Pigalle at the Palais Garnier- #fashionkilla. I rely on the comfort and the practicality of Damir Doma and McQueen and give myself some time to think about Alexander Wang’s collection. It’s heavy laden with the 90’s. There’s a bit of Jonny Lee Miller and Damon Albarn to it, don’t  you think? I check my playlist and do my morning sun salutations before exhausting myself at the gym.

When I return home I don’t head straight for the shower. I turn the hot water all the way up and lay out my towel and my washcloth. I can’t resist the feeling that has settled into my heart and spread out into my veins and circulates through my body to my core. I feel as if I’m in my own palace basking in the tremendous amount of love I feel surrounding me. Love from the most unexpected places. Love that’s full of surprises and earnest. Sitting on my ottoman with my sports and running tights on I can’t stop thinking about how I’m submerged in a moment of my life where everything feels right and perfect. It scares me to think that I may never have it the good again. I whisper prayers throughout the day that his feeling can continue, that it will remain, that it won’t dissipate, it will only swell and grow and leave me smiling ever after.

Not so long ago I was holding on to tremendous hurt. I thought it was better to hold on than to let go and dive into the unknown. Sometimes it’s more comforting and it feels more stable to live with the hurt that you know rather than to possibly send yourself into a hurt that you’re not familiar with at all. By letting go I was certain I had slit my own throat, created my own death and had ruined any chance of happiness again. Over time I came to discover that I hadn’t created my own death at all- I had created a magnificent rebirth.

So I celebrate this rebirth today, my way, and every damn day.

A Trivial and Trite Thing

Fashion may seem like a trivial trite thing. But thank God for fashion. Thank God for the fashion week surge and Tommy Ton and brilliant collections from Public School and Alice + Olivia. Thank God for a world that is sometimes tiresome and all together confusing, because at it’s best fashion is a dream turned into reality. It’s different than painting or writing or singing a song, because when you get up in the morning and you just can’t face the world at least you can turn to an outfit that makes you feel fearless. And that outfit can stay with you all day no matter how heavy your heart feels. It’s your comfort from the bitter cold and the ceaseless storm. It’s your armor. It’s your fantasy and your retreat.

Well at least for me it is.


Quiet and commanding the Balmain 2014 Fall collection presented in Paris, is animalistic and contains the timeless military signature of Balmain. The color story is understated, yet assertive with military, army hues of browns, blacks, creams, beige and green. Military patches, leopard and zebra prints show up to create a unique sartorial story.


View the collection at


Exaggerated large scale prints, browns, reds, black and blues, texture, florals, camo and skulls – these are my favorite looks from Yohji Yamamoto’s menswear collection for Fall 2014. I imagine that Yamamoto was inspired by romantics and the senses as this collection as a sensual nature. These looks are meant to be touched, felt, and experienced. They are alluring and playful yet full of masculinity and intrigue.

View the full collection at